Talk Show Set

New Age

Media Solutions

Alongside more traditional media options such as linear television and online marketing, we offer a variety of fresh media opportunities in form of clever content-integrations and sponsorships

We encourage ourselves to think outside of the box when creating media strategies for you, bringing forth new age media solutions such as clever content-integrations, sponsorships and special events.

National Reach


Year-round major events may include opportunities for content-integration and custom vignettes  

Bring forward your brand creative over digital, social and native surroundings 

Events may include:

✔ NYC Marathon

✔ Puerto Rican Day Parade

✔ Philadelphia Flower Show

✔ Texas High School Football

And more!


Casting Calls

Connect with passionate fans at casting calls events in key markets

Be part of on-air, digital and social creative inviting fans to audition to their favorite shows

Immersive on site branding and activation: product display and brand ambassador

Bring out the best in US cities

Local storytelling that transcends  city limits via food, travel, culture and people

Next Generation Talent:


Made by/for millennials

Sponsorship, integrations, branded content

Distributed over digital, mobile, social  and brand new Localish digital TV channel


Align with the news your users consume


Drive brand awareness with unique sponsorship opportunities integrating your key message with the highest rated weekend news programs

Own a custom news-adjacent segment, highlighting your brand

Feature a host talent and / or your brand expert showcasing your key message and product